Find a reliable company to manufacture our products is not an easy task. Many things related, cultural, language, customs and honesty of the supplier. Buyers often complained about the quality, timeliness and service from the supplier. On the other hand suppliers trying to simplify their jobs by reducing the steps that should be the impact on QUALITY.

Actually, all can be avoided if we start properly.
First, the company that manufactures must be true, in a sense, they really have the technical capability, financial as well as experience. In this instant-paced era, with the internet it is easy to find a company profile that we may deem appropriate, and get competitive prices and the subsequent placing of orders.
But that’s not that so simple. Do they really have the ability. Not uncommon among them only have a great website, but not for production facilities and financially. Or maybe you had deal with such a company and there is no problem? but if you are comfortable with a situation like that?

You may have a budget to directly visit them, I have a question for you, how you have time to make sure they use the facilities already shown to you? and how they produce the goods that you rely on to be made?

We exist to address your problems which I described above.

Why would we? We have been working in the area of furniture production is tens of years. More than that, make the furniture is our culture. Eyes and our hearts are very familiar with the manufacture of furniture. For more details, please visit the about us page.
Proudly we offer service for you for full range of inspection.

  • Factory Audit
  • Quality Controller
  • Final Controller
  • Sampler Provider

You might be able to easily find services like we offer. But how the price they ask for? then, how their experience, are they furniture specialist?
We are specialist but not expensive. All affordable in accordance with the scope of work which we offer.