Furniture Inspection Services

In supporting wholesale business, buyers and wholesalers require professional to help them in production quality control. It is commonly buyers and wholesaler from other countries, who do not have representative in the country. They hire professional that provides all furniture inspection services with the purpose of ensuring the quality of furniture ordered.

Furniture Inspector is one of independent inspector, which provides inspection services for buyers and wholesalers. At times, types of services depend on the requirement. Even though some companies have broad the type of services out, such as factory audit, furniture company suggestion as well as company tour.

Factory audit is purposed to report all the significant elements, such as quality system procedures, production capacity, staff facilities including wages, ages, and services, plant condition etc. The service is intended to find out the capability of manufacturer to completing delivery time and quality expectation. Furniture company suggestion helps buyers to find reliable furniture manufacturers for their order plans. If buyers want to visit the factory, company tour allows them to have business trip to numbers of furniture manufacturers and suppliers. The company will arrange transportation, accommodation, and help buyer to arranger the schedule.

Whereas, Furniture Inspector attaches only to provide services related to furniture being ordered or sampled. The services are sample inspection, in production quality check, pre-packing control and final check. All team and personals in Furniture Inspector will serve buyers or who need their services by their best. Commonly, buyer will have sample order before purchase in bulk order.  It is needed to inspect the sample for conformance to technical drawings and specifications. Therefore, the supplier chosen enable to continue the production process and use the sample as standard.

Monitoring all the production process is required to ensure the quality in accordance clients’ requirements. It is in production quality check. After the furniture has been through all production processes, it is time for pre-packing control. It is important to pack furniture in a safe and proper way. It will keep the furniture in good condition until unloading in the destination country. Final check is important as well, in order to make sure all the production is in accordance to the specification and purchase orders as required. All furniture inspection services by Furniture Inspector will assist you to find finest quality of furniture.