Furniture Inspection Types

For some companies who provide furniture inspection services, they have broad types of services out of the furniture inspection itself, i.e.:

  • Factory Audit to report all the significant elements, such as quality system procedures, production capacity, staff facilities including wages, ages, and services, plant condition etc.
  • Furniture Company Suggestion is to arrange suggestion or possibility of reliably company for an order plan.
  • Company Tour is to arrange transportation, accommodations, factory visit schedule if clients want to visit their candidate suppliers.

Those are some services in abroad furniture services made by furniture inspection companies. Whereas, Furniture Inspector attaches only to provide services related to furniture being ordered or sampled.

  • Sample inspection

Inspect the sample for conformance to technical drawings and specifications as stated in the front. From this stage, verified suppliers supplier is able to do production process and make the sample as standard.

  • In production quality check

Monitoring all production process to conform sample or technical drawing is one of substantial stage in ensuring the quality in accordance to the clients’ requirements. Production quality check puts an inspector on site during the production cycle, to ensure production meets the schedule, quality, and materials used as stated in agreement.

  • Pre-packing control

It is important to pack furniture in a safe and proper way so that it could arrive in its good condition after unloading in destination country. Controlling the stages of packaging will make an impact to the furniture. It would be great as well if held certain test in packaged good to measure its strength in handling position.

  • Final check

Once the goods are ready to be shipped or minimum ready packed 80%. It is important to redo the checking. It is called pre-shipment inspection that random inspection by choosing some packaged good as samples. The inspection ensures that the production is in accordance with the specifications and purchase orders as required.