Indonesia Furniture in Variety of Materials

Indonesia is undoubtedly for its richness natural sources and forests.  Variety of wood, rattan, bamboo are several from forest products, which is using as materials for architecture, building, furniture and other purposes intended for supporting human needs and activities. Indonesia furniture has been known throughout the world, as the country has exported furniture abroad since many years ago.

Indonesia wood furniture is one of popular furniture, particularly teak furniture. the wood has reached its popularity since long time ago. Teak, which its scientific name is tectona grandis, is categorized as hardwood. The wood has known for its distinctive characteristic also, especially for its sturdiness and durability. Teak has natural oil that protects the wood, particularly when it is in exposed location. Outdoor and garden furniture is best made from teak wood, because of its distinguishing. Outdoor furniture made from teak usually required less treatments and care than other outdoors made from other wood or material. Although it is rather expensive, but teak wood furniture should be considers as best investment in furniture.

Other material that is typical from Indonesia is rattan. Its scientific name is Calameae, where native to tropical regions of Asia, Africa and Australia. However, Indonesian rattan considers also as one of the best. Rattan furniture brings typical impression of Tropical Island. It is suitable for sunroom, patio or porch. Although it is lightweight, rattan is quite durable and strength. Some furniture manufacturers even produce synthetic rattan furniture. Synthetic rattan is produced in order to substitute real rattan, because of its scarcity. This material gives distinctiveness that real rattan cannot provide. It is wide ranges of colorful patio furniture and affordable price. The furniture even can be adjusted to any color of your outdoor living and porch.

Other popular material from Indonesia is bamboo. In fact, bamboo and rattan are non-wood forest products, as rattan is kind of vines and bamboo is one of grass family.  As said in Wikipedia, bamboo is a tribe of flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family Poaceae. Bamboo is native to Asia, particularly in South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. Bamboo has been used for furniture, flooring, building and other purposes. Indonesia furniture has been offered wide ranges of designs and materials in order to meet worldwide demands. Many furniture manufacturers and suppliers present their best furniture products made from those materials.