Indonesia Furniture: Kinds of Style

Indonesia is known for their roles in participating in international furniture industry. In Indonesia, there are many furniture manufacturers for local and export market. This is happened due to the furniture making started from the ancient time. As the time goes by, Indonesia has many styles of furniture to represent the diversity and uniqueness of each style.

Kinds of Indonesia furniture style are classic, colonial, modern, crafted, and garden furniture. Those can be found easily in furniture stores locally or internationally.

Classic Furniture

Bubut furniture, Indonesian style furniture carving, in English is called ‘bead’ which means carving shape or lathe turning on the wood. This is one of classic furniture that Indonesia has and represent local richness.

Colonial Furniture

Colonial furniture has another history in Indonesia furniture industry. This colonial term based on Dutch colonization era before Indonesia independence  Some kind of furniture make the colonization era as reference in furniture making.

Modern Furniture

Modern furniture is sleek, clean, simple, elegant, and functional and one of a kind that makes it as people’s favorite these days. Modern furniture also creates timeless quality and beauty for living space indoor and outdoor. It is durable and stylish to decorate modern and limited size of living space such as apartment, flat or condo.

Crafted Furniture

Every piece of crafted furniture is unique and represents each areas origin. Indonesia has many areas as crafted furniture bases such as Javanese or Balinese style. Crafted furniture can be used in living room, dining room, and bedroom for its endless exquisite art for more beautiful and comfortable look of rooms.

Garden Furniture

Teak wood is great to produce as outdoor furniture. Indonesia is teak origin and its plantation is centered in Java Island. From the wood harvested, it turns out to be garden furniture such as tables, benches, recliners, bar furniture and other outdoor decorations.